How to wear a golden leather skirt in 3ways

Hey guys, yes I know it’s leather skirt and not any other skirt,and it’s gold. Gold leather skirts are rare but they are gorgeous. If you have one here are ways of how to wear your gold leather skirt.


Golden shirt with a gold leather skirt

Matching your colours is the way
Yes! It is an old fashion tip but it’s best If you don’t want to mix colours that will make you look like a clown. Matching is the safest and best way to wear a gold leather skirt match it with a golden vest and your good to go. Don’t put too much make up cause your outfit is already out!


Wearing the gold leather skirt in an official way

Wearing your gold leather skirt to the office
Yeap! It looks good in the office too. Wear it with a cheetah printed top, a black sweater, brown scarf around your neck, a leather bag and leather heels that have studs on them. This is the best way of wearing it to the office.It can also be worn to business meetings and you can also grab a cup of coffee or two with your friends in a near by cafè.


Cold with gold

Cold with gold
Yea! Gold goes well with the cold!
Wearing leather in the cold is better than in the hot weather. Why is that? During the hot weather, your body sweats and the leather sticks to your skin and eventually you might stick to your chair too. Lmfao. So wearing it in the cold weather is best and most suitable than in the hot weather.
Thank you for reading this. Please share with your friends and stick around for more. Bye!


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