Get nude with me in 3ways😗

Hey everyone???  Hope your well and good. Today we are going to get nude in three different ways. And by nude I mean nude lipsticks.

So let’s start.


Nars satin lipstick in Honolulu honey

This lipstick is beautiful. It costs about $24. I know its abit expensive but it’s worth it.


Nars satin in Honolulu honey

It is a good nude lipstick for day to day activities. And it’s quite affordable.


Sleek succumb

This is another nude lipstick am obsessed with. It is a sleek succumb lipstick and its about $4.


Sleek succumb

It has an orange undertone which looks fab in this bright weather.


Maybelline velvet beige

This lipstick is abit dark.I love  the dark tone because it can be worn during the evening’s. It’s around $2 -$6


Maybelline velvet beige

And that is the three ways that you get nude with matina jazmine .


Bye guys😘

Thank you for taking your time to read through till next time. Please do leave a comment, share and you may also follow my blog. More details on the menu button, which is the three lines in the top corner of my blog.for suggestions, email me or leave a comment. Bye!

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