Man Crush Monday 😍

Hey guys, I hope your all fine. Today am crushing on Amin A. K. A Amin Mohammad. This guy makes all divas drop dead. His sense of style is on point 👌. Why lie?


He resides in mombasa and further more his a photography lover😍.

Facebook photos

What about his looks?? 😩Damn! Am just going to let you judge.

Facebook photos

He loves fashion and i will say yet again,  his sense of fashion is on point.

Facebook photos

Apart from being good in photography, fashion and everything he loves hanging out with his friends. Is he single? Ladies sorry I have no idea about that. You can get him in facebook as Amiin Mohammad and in instagram as tamir_Mohammad.

Thank you guys for reading this. If your interested in being featured in my blog as my MCM, share my blog and email me at for those who think email is old fashioned, it’s ok. You can still find me in Twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and what’s app. Direct link is in the menu button. Thank you!!! Till next time, bye!!!!!!

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