The cheapest and easiest ways of getting rid of your acne

Hey guys!!! I know it’s been long since  I posted anything.sorry everyone, I have been busy as a bee lately. Hope your all fine. So today am going to teach you, easy and cheapest ways of getting rid of your acne and also controlling your acne





Which type of soap are you using??? Hell no! Don’t tell me beauty soaps. Personally, beauty soaps have never worked out for my skin even if it’s written ‘for acne prone skin’. Throughout my acne journey, I have tried tones of soaps, but the soap that works best with oily skin is a soap called jamaa soap(only found in Kenya). For those who ain’t in Kenya, try looking for a soap that has no oil or perfume in it. This is because they irritate and block your skin pores.



Wash your face twice

No matter how lazy you are, when it comes to acne prone skin or oily skin. You have to wash that face twice a day. I mean morning and evening. Immediately when you wake up, use your oil free soap and gently rub on your skin and I mean gently.



Face cream

Buy an oil absorbing cream. Don’t you dare complain that there are non!but rather there are plenty. Apply your facial cream before going to bed and after waking up. And you do that when your face is clean and gently washed. Be GENTLE with your skin. And don’t apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your skin, your simply making it worse.



Facial scrub

Do scrub your face once in a while, to enable removal of dead cells. While scrubbing, be gentle. Don’t scrub harshly because your skin will increase the oil supply and we don’t want that.



Face touching is a no no

Don’t touch your face or pop your pimples. Why is that??? This makes the bacteria on your hands enter your skin. And in turn your skin supplies more sebum (which is the oil) and this leads to blocking of your pores which lead to pimple formation. We don’t want that don’t we????

Thank you guys for having to spend your time to read this. For any questions email me or you can get my direct social media links in the menu button. For any suggestions, you can do the same. Bye!!!!!!

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