Watch mj go dark👇

Hey everyone! Hope y’all are fine. Today am going dark. Am going to teach you how to make a homemade bronzer or ‘glow’. By this I mean you can use this as a blush or a bronzer.


Bronzer or blush

Now all you need is unsweetened cocoa, baby powder, coconut oil and a container.


Baby powder

Pour the desired amount of baby powder into a clean empty container. As you can see in the photo above.


Cocoa + baby powder

Add cocoa and mix till you get the shade you want but remember this when you add coconut oil it’s going to darken. So don’t be surprised.


Cocoa+baby powder +coconut oil

Add a few drops of pure coconut oil.Mix it well.  Now while mixing you’ll need a little bit of patience because it’s going to form small lumps. Keep mixing. If you need a liquid bronzer or blush, add more coconut oil. Keep mixing. If shade is abit dark, add more baby powder. For those who want a powdered blush or bronzer, skip the coconut oil part.
Now it all goes to applying it.  If your an oily skinned girl, apply an oil absorbing foundation before you apply this bronzer or blush. While applying, use your fingures. This is because it still forms lumps. Keep rubbing  till you get the color. If you want more glow, add more coconut oil.when you get the color, try brushing of the small lumps and there  you go.  This is how it looks.


Bronzer or blush

Till next time. Thank you for having the time to read through. I hope you have a wonderful day. For questions, you can email me at please do leave a comment. You can find me in all social media platforms, direct link is up in the menu button. Bye!

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