Do you want to get a new pin without buying one?? Find out how👇👑

Hey everyone! Sorry for being absent for long. Hope y’all are fine!

Today am going to be teaching you or informing you of a beauty /fashion hack that I have discovered. Have you ever bought a colored pin and after some time it’s already discolored?? Yeap ! I know the struggle.


Discolored pin

So how do you get rid of this headache? You have a pin but you don’t have the beautiful color on it? Do you have a gold nail polish somewhere?


Gold nail polish

Now using that gold nail polish, polish that discolored pin according to your desire. How much polish do you want on it? That’s you to decide. Let it dry.


Gold pin

The final product will look like the picture above. it totally depends on how much shimmer your nail polish has.

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