Best shades for your face shape 😎

Hey everyone! Hope your all fine. So a while back I saw some shades and I got obsessed with them the Michael Jackson shades.


Michael Jackson's teaser shades

I fell in love with this cause the shades are quite unique even though it was in the early 2000s. Anyway so I asked myself, is it possible for someone to look good in all types of shades/sunglasses/glasses?
So here’s a photo that will help you out.


Shades for all types of face shapes

The photo above shows the face shape and beside the face shape is the type of shade/sunglasses /glasses for your face shape.


Men face shapes

So this photo 👆is for the face shapes of men. For those men who are wondering what’s my face shape and what shades/sunglasses/glasses I should wear? It’s all up there.


Face shapes and shades

Here’s another photo showing the face shapes and shades.



So before you consider buying or getting shades/sunglasses /glasses do check your face shape first. Don’t get something just because it looked cooler on someone else or its on fashion like most of you say.

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