Closet essentials :things you have to have in your closet!!


Hey guys! This topic is a tricky topic however am going to be discussing on both women and men’s closets so don’t stop reading cause its high end info. You need it!!

1. The suits


Official wear

The suits will never grow old! You need this in your closet that’s if you consider yourself a fashion lover. These have to be there. Why? Because they never grow old, they are the best as office wears and they  bring out respect. Most of you don’t know this but wearing suits makes a person respect you more than wearing casual wears. Take a minute and imagine yourself walking in a serious meeting wearing jeans with a T-shirt. Will these important people take your words seriously? No. Why?? Because when you walk in there with a suit it shows that you are looking forward to the meeting and also it shows that you have considered the meeting as an important one and they will respect you.

2. The nautical lines or the ‘strips’



Vintage nautical lined dress

The neutical lines never grow old. They have been here from around the 70’s. Trust me you need this in your closet. They look classy and they are elegant. When dressed properly they can make people ‘go

3. The ‘squares’



Vintage squared shirt


The squared shirts have been around for a while longer than we have and guess what they never grow old and they are always fashionable. These shirts look so good you can’t afford to miss it out of your closet.

4. The wool


The ‘classy detective wool’ 😂that’s what I call them. They have been around ever since the 60’s I guess. They are so nice for the cold weather you won’t even feel any cold. They are available for all genders, heights and shapes.  I love them. I totally do

5. The pencil skirt


Old vintage pencil skirt

These will never grow old. I don’t even want them to. High waisted pencil skirts are like gold. You need this in your closet. I mean who doesn’t own one. If you don’t,  you need one. These skirts make you look official in a lady like manner and they are amazing for all shapes and sizes.

5. The leather


Leather jacket


Leather belt


Leather handbags


Leather shoes

Leather! I love leather. It never goes wrong with leather.Leather pants, shoes, bags, jackets, belts, hats, sofas etc will never grow old. Leather is actually one of the best raw materials in making things. It’s strong and apparently doesn’t decay fast. Don’t forget it’s eco-friendly!

6. Jeans




Do you know my mum actually gave me the jeans she wore as a teenager?  😂I know it’s no scientific fact but I mean jeans will never grow old. They are always the ‘it thing’. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can never go wrong with jeans. I mean You have to have these!  Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans anyways?!

7. The gold and silver dresses.


Gold and silver shimmery dresses

Shimmer dresses are so undateable and they are so gorgeous. If you haven’t noticed,  shimmery clothes never grow old. They are always on top and you have to own one for real.

8. Khaki


Khaki shirt

Khaki never ever I mean ever comes out of fashion. Whether we are talking about pants, shirts or dresses they are just the good thing that has to be in your closet. Like it really has to be there. Some people think it’s only worn during African safaris but guess what?  your so wrong. They can be worn anywhere.

9. The animal prints


Animal prints

Holy grail it’s the animal prints!!!!!!! Yeap it is. What i love about animal prints is that they come in terms of bags, shoes, scarfs, belts, hats anything you can think of. Even a pillowcase.They are always looking good when they are worn correctly. They might be tricky at times but I personally consider them as neutrals. Don’t know about you but yea. You have to have these in your closet. If your a man don’t worry there are belts and shoes etc…

10. The plain T-shirts and shirts.


Palin Tshirt

Plain Tshirts and shirts are always good and suitable for anywhere and anyplace. You can do sports in them. You can literally wear anything with a plain shirt or Tshirt they are just closet essentials. You need them. Whether your a man or a woman. You need them!

11. The classy heels


The vintage black heels

I love these heels because they never grow old and they have no rules. You can go to a party in them, you can go to a wedding in them, you can go to an office in them anywhere you want to go you can wear them. The good thing about these heels is that they come in all sizes and colours. You need them in your closet I mean seriously need them.

12. The sunglasses.



These sunglasses never grow old. For those who think they do,  your  wrong they never grow old. Every celebrity wore them in the 80’s and till now they still wear them. I mean these two need to be in your closet ASAP!

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