“YOU HAVE TO LEAVE! “read why👇


Hope you are fine. Today am going to be talking about relationships. Am going to talk based on life experiences from myself and others.

So when is it right to stay or leave a relationship??
Love is beautiful but it looses beauty when your hurt. So just recently in Kenya, a woman was abused by her husband.she went through a lot. To those unaware of this incident, you can find it online. So it’s not just about physical hurting, you can also be emotionally hurt.

Ok. So you meet this girl/boy and you immediately think that you were ment to be. Love happens in steps. I mean, if your a girl,he has to court you. If your a boy you have to court her. It’s nature. It has to happen. You have to go out spend some time together and everything but when do you know he or she is not the one?

The most obvious is when he/she introduces you to their family or friends as ‘just a friend’. Or when he/she is ashamed of walking with you in public. That’s a red flag lav! If you claim your in love the least you can do is brag about it to your friends, family and even the public, but if you ain’t? You know it’s vice versa. If someone is doing this to you, it’s time you leave!

So your arguing just the normal argument and he/she tells you, your no one to talk to me like that. Please wait, what!! Love or not only my mother tells me that. Someone who tells you that, is someone who degrades you and who looks down on you. I mean would you want to have such a person in your marital life telling you that everyday. No. Hell no. And if they are doing this, you have to leave!!
love hurts. That’s b. S! Love isn’t ment to hurt.they beat you or abuse you mentally everyday, wait. Mentally abusing is when someone tells you, you ain’t worth it, ‘I met this person and they are better than you. Your stupid and you can’t do anything’ that’s sort of the mental abuse.been there done that and it’s horrible. You won’t think it’s mental abuse until you start hating yourself because of so and so. They will be like I didn’t touch you so I didn’t abuse you. They abused you and they don’t deserve you. Most especially if they claim to love you, and they still have ‘side persons’and they even tell you to your face!! Yo! I know it’s hard but pack up and leave!!

So the ‘I need you right now’people are not at all to be tolerated. Speaking from experience, a person calls you when they need you but when you need them they ignore you and may even probably be laughing at you behind your back. Now do you need a person who does that in your marital life?? No. And hell no. Such persons can bring you down emotionally and for you to achieve your goals in life you have to be mentally stable. Do you want to go to the office so depressed  early in the morning just because of a person like that or do you want to wake up bright and happy as a single person? I’ll leave it at that.

A person who doesn’t remember your birthday, wedding anniversary, your graduation date or such important events in your life but rather they remember other’s  is not a keeper but a ditcher. You do not want someone who forgets your wedding anniversary or  something like that but they remember other’s . If they are like this, huny you have to leave!!!

Anyway, to finish this off. I do not believe in change personally but if a person changes well and good but it’s hard to find such a person. Don’t tolerate someone just because they said they will change that’s just a lie. Ooh and I forgot about one thing. If someone lies to you constantly, trust me that person is going to be hiding things from you and cheating goes hand in hand with lies.for those being physically abused and mentally please seek help, your basically fighting for your life at this stage.

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