Lipstick ways they never say!!


Yeap!! Its lipstick ways they never say. Hey y’all, back at it again with them posts.
First of all, before you wear any lipstick make sure your lips are moist. Not everyone will tell you this but moist lips look good with lipstick on.
Now another thing you didn’t know is, apply concealer before your lipstick.


Lips with concealer

Why concealer??? Yea I know it’s weird but concealer conceals the dark pigmented parts of your lips making your lips have an equal skin color if you know what am saying.Applying lipstick without concealer will make the dark parts of your lips look darker with lipstick on. 😩hope your understanding my thought.


Lips with foundation

When you don’t have concealer,foundation can work for you. But if your using a liquid foundation it will be good if you dab some powder on just to mattify it and to avoid mixing the foundation color with your lipstick. It’s goes hand in hand with liquid concealer. There are so many kinds of concealers.


Lip lining

Lining your lips is an essential. You may say it’s nothing and it’s just a waste of time but it’s not! It actually makes your lipstick last longer that’s if you didn’t know!some fill in then apply lipstick in top but some just outline the’s your choice.


Apply Lipstick

Finally, the lipstick is here. Fill in your lips with your lipstick. 2-3coats or layers are good but if you want it less it’s good too.


Removing lipstick stains from teeth

Now before you walk out, no one wants to see lipstick on your lips. Hell no!  Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips while your figure is between your lips. Then pull out your fingure .


Mattifying your lipstick

If your lipstick is too sheer, take a thin sheet of tissue and dab powder on your lips.  The more powder you dab on the more matte it will be!!

all these photos are a courtesy of Google images
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