Teeth hacks your mama didn’t tell you about

Teeth hacks

So what did mama forget to tell me?

1. Teeth whitening
If your a cook you probably have already figured it out. For those who hate cooking like me,  well don’t worry guys. So there are so many ways to whiten your teeth in the kitchen:D not exactly in the kitchen but by using the stuff that always stays in the kitchen.

Bicarbonate of soda

Bicarb-in full bicarbonate of soda. This stuff whitens your teeth! Like for real! All it does is act as an abrasive and it removes all that yellowish layer on top of your teeth. I can actually testify to this. I use it and it works really well.

2. Brushing teeth
Fyi not everyone uses toothpaste!! So what’s an alternative to tooth paste. Let’s go back to the kitchen!! Yeap!

Salt and lemon

Salted lemons-you can actually brush your teeth using lemons and salt. Just squeeze a lemon onto your toothbrush bristles and then just add a pinch of salt or your can add as much as you want.

Chewing stick

Chewing stick-yea I know it’s not actually found in the kitchen but this is also an alternative. Some use the chewing stick alone  but others add salt alone or you can also use with lemons. It’s all up to you

Bicarbonate of soda

Bicarb- bicarbonate can also be used in brushing your teeth.

3. Mouth wash
Mouth wash is good for you because it’s going to get rid of bad breathe especially for those who like consuming onions.


Vinegar-the acidity in vinegar gives it the ability to get rid of the bacteria in the mouth so giving you  a clean fresh smell.Vinegar can also be added in water to reduce its acidity level.

Salt and water

Salted water-salt normally acts as an antiseptic. So using salt as a mouth wash is good mostly if you don’t have vinegar.


Lemon-lemon works as well as vinegar does. How? By its low pH level, the bacteria in the mouth will  not to survive.

4. Beauty
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Don’t use any of these products if you have an allergic reaction to them. If anything an usual happens during the usage of the mentioned products, please do consult a doctor.
❤may God bless you❤