You’ll probably read a lot of “ME’s” and a lot of “YOU’s” throughout this article but don’t lower your guard down. Let’s begin!

Its not about them its about  you

It’s about time you stop doing things to please ‘them’ instead do things to please you. It’s hard to do something without asking yourself about how people will think of you; it’s ok to think so but not in a way that you end up trying to please people. 

It’s ok to be messy and wrong at times

90% of people suffering from low esteem  usually end up beating themselves because of tiny mistakes. ‘am not that good’ ‘I suck’ ‘am stupid’ are words that aren’t worth your time hunny. Let it go! Your human and it’s ok to mess up or be wrong at times. Get up dust yourself and forget it ever happened but make sure you’ve learnt something from it.

Your special and you deserve more love than anyone 

You have to love yourself before you love anyone. Some people  usually ignore this because they think it won’t affect their day to day life but no! It does affect your relationships, your friendships & other types of relations. Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish loving yourself means accepting your flaws just the way your mother, your brother ,your husband and any one close to you does. Buy yourself a gift or anything special just to make you feel loved by you.

Be gentle and kind to others

Being kind and gentle to other people helps because when one is kind to another one tends to feel good about it. Imagine helping the poor by giving them sacks of food, how would you feel? You would feel good. But how do you feel when your harsh and mean to others ,you tend to feel lowly about yourself. 

Remember you have to have mercy on others for God to have mercy on you….