Have you ever wondered how they wear normal lashes and they still look thick while you with the same type of lashes you still ain’t getting the look?

So firstly,you should actually know how to apply eye lashes.Using an eye lash strip is easier than using individual lashes.Individual lashes do take time to apply but if you know how to why not?

Instructions on how to apply  eye lashes are mostly on the back of the eye lash packet. So once you know how to,it will be easier to make them thicker.

It’s easy to make them thick all you have to do is to apply the first eye lash strip then when it’s all dry,you can apply a second eye lash strip. If you want to,you can keep adding other layers thats if if you want them supper thick.

How did I know about this? I learnt this from a show about make overs. A celebrity make up artist is actually the one who shared this simple tip.if you want to,you can easily purchase  full voluminous eye lashes but for those who are in a hurry or aren’t able to purchase the lashes. This tip will be a major saver for you!